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Read about some of our volunteers' experiences here.

"I wanted an elective involving a mixture of front line medicine in the developing world and public health. The latter I felt was particularly important because a public health angle would hopefully provide a project to carry through the elective.. it might actually make a lasting difference to the people I’m serving; it would give me a focus and help keep me motivated during a seven week block and it might produce something worth putting up for publication." 

"I think that was the most important thing that I took with me: a genuine hope that I make an actual difference to people’s lives on this elective and a determination that it wouldn’t become just another 7 weeks’ medicine which just happened to be in Africa."
Nathan Lawrence, Sierra Leone, Addenbrooke’s Abroad Elective Bursary recipient 2010

Read about Nathan's experience in Sierra Leone here.

"When there is a lack of resources there is often a late pathology with the diagnosis – almost every case is extreme. This is what I find really fascinating – we never see such severe cases from minor illnesses in the UK, they would have been treated months before."
Lesley Wood, Perioperative Care Nurse Consultant, CUH

Read about Lesley's experience volunteering in Nepal here.

"There's such a lot we can do, at the moment we're just scratching the surface."

Debbie Jankowski, Specialist Ophthalmic Nurse

Read about Debbie Jankowski's experience launching a new diabetic retinopathy screening programme in Botswana