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Addenbrooke's Abroad

Addenbrooke's Abroad

“Learning from each other and acknowledging our different circumstances benefits both the individuals and institutions involved…it is about opening your eyes to other cultures and seeing how healthcare is done differently.” Volunteer to El Salvador 

Addenbrooke’s Abroad is a global health charitable programme which supports and enables NHS staff from Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH) to train and support health workers in low- and middle-income countries. We build long-term partnerships with hospitals, governments and health organisations in low- and middle-income countries and promote mutual learning, shared knowledge and sustainable change. 

How we do this

We currently manage health partnerships with hospitals in  BotswanaEl Salvador and Myanmar. Through these partnerships we promote mutual learning between CUH and our overseas partners. Our partnerships help to improve healthcare services through reciprocal the exchange of skills and knowledge.

We support healthcare staff in all roles, including supportive and administrative, to volunteer with health care providers overseas either through our own global health partnerships or with other established organisations as best fits their expertise. 

Mary Archer“I am very proud of Addenbrooke’s Abroad being a dedicated programme supporting global health improvement. CUH staff who volunteer overseas gain a great deal both personally and professionally, bringing back huge benefits to the NHS.” Dame Mary Archer, co-founder and President of Addenbrooke’s Abroad

Collaborating for mutual learning

The concentration of expertise at CUH means that we are in a privileged position to respond to healthcare needs worldwide. We promote overseas volunteering among CUH staff and students because we believe that volunteering abroad is an invaluable experience, through which staff and students learn and develop new skills as well as making a positive impact in global health. Our partnerships are based on long term commitment, respect and a joint vision.

We also support staff and students to undertake placements by offering encouragement, practical advice and information and providing small grants in Cambridge and the surrounding area wishing to volunteer their skills overseas on ethical placements.

In 2015/16 alone we have supported staff to volunteer over 276 days overseas


We're celebrating our 10th birthday this year! Read more here.


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