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ACT research awards 2014

(some were co-funded by NIHR Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre)


  • Dr Stephen Abbs - Funding for muscular dystrophy research
  • Dr Sian Alexander - How does tau burden affect neuronal health? A study of why some cells die and others survive in dementia
  • Dr Tristan Barrett, Mr Nikesh Thiruchelvam - The natural history of continence and incontinence post robotic radical prostatectomy (The ProsPUR study - PROState Perineal Ultrasound Research)
  • Mr Mohammed Chowdhury, Mr Patrick Coughlin, Dr James Rudd - Multi-modality imaging to determine the contribution of calcification and inflammation in lower limb arterial disease: A proof of concept study using PDG and NaF PET/CET imaging
  • Dr Charlotte Coles, Dr Richard Benson, Dr Sarah Jeffries, Dr Gill Barnett - Support for a radiographer for research and clinical trials in breast, head, neck and thyroid cancers
  • Dr Anna Curley - Support for two research fellows in perinatal and infant care
  • Dr Tilak Das - Quantitative MR Imaging in the evaluation of thyroid eye disease
  • Professor Ming-Qing Du, Miss Sarah Moody - Characterisation of genetic abnormalities in MALT lymphoma
  • Dr Suzanne English - Serial sequencing of multi-visceral transplant patients who have drug resistant CMV by next generation sequencing
  • Ms Sally Jennings, Dr Howard Ring, Professor Anthony Holland - EEG measures of aging and Alzheimer's disease in Down's Syndrome
  • Mr Vasilis Kosmoliaptsis, Professor Christopher Watson - Pre-transplant ex vivo normothermic machine perfusion of human livers donated after circulatory death
  • Professor Andrew Lever, Dr Jing Zhao Garland - Characterisation of late outgrowth endothelial progenitor cells from patients with end-stage renal failure and exploration of their potential usefulness in vascular repair
  • Dr Nicholas Matheson - Plasma membrane profiling of HIV-infected CD4+ T cells
  • Dr Massimiliano di Petro - Real-time analysis of gastric pH at endoscopy to inform chemopreventive strategies in patients with Barrett's oesophagus
  • Dr Sanjay Sinha - Targeting smooth muscle cell phenotypic switching: a new strategy for treating vascular diseases
  • Dr Li Tee Tan, Dr Viven Tse - Factors affecting variation in brachytherapy planning in the treatment of cervical carcinoma


Cambridge Clinical Academic Fellowships

  • Maria Chalia - Perinatal care (awarded by the Evelyn Trust) 
  • Daniel Greaves - A forward genetic screen to identify genes required for silencing HIV
  • Alex Riding - Identification and characterization of Group 3 innate lymphoid cells in the human kidney
  • Fleur Talbot - Characterisation of novel obesity associated mutations in GPR10 (awarded by the Evelyn Trust)
  • Ruwani Wijeyekoon - Investigating the role of the immune system in disease heterogeneity in Parkinson’s disease