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ACT research awards 2015

ACT granted 32 research awards including 12 Cambridge Clinical Research Fellowships (in total more than £2.25 million) some of which were co-funded by the NIHR Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre and other organisations and by generous gifts and legacies from supporter families and individuals.  We are deeply appreciative of this support. 

General grants

  • Ms Claire Adams - A qualitative study to explore the views of those living with lipodystrophy and what implication this has on body image (Metabolism and Endocrine related research)
  • Dr Marian Burr, Professor Paul Lehner, Professor Mark Dawson - Quantitative proteomic analysis of leukaemia stem cells (Cancer related research)
  • Professor Carlos Caldas - Personalised Breast Cancer Medicine Initiative – bringing genomics to the bedside (Cancer related research)
  • Dr Gary Doherty, Dr Carla Martins - Developing novel therapeutic approaches for KRAS amplified lung cancers (Cancer related research)
  • Reverend Dr Derek Fraser, Dr Stephen Barclay, Ms Pia Thiemann, Mrs Brooke Swash, Dr Annabel Price, Ms Isla Kuhn, Dr Ana Draper, Dr Marilyn Relf, Ms Sarah Hoare, Mrs Margaret Johnson - Addenbrooke’s Bereavement Care Service: Can it work elsewhere? Developing a multicentre study to assess experience of, and preferences for, bereavement care in the community (Mental Health related research)
  • Professor Jonathan Gillard, Dr Ammara Usman, Dr Andrew Patterson, Dr Martin Graves - Utility of MRI in the assessment of carotid atheroma inflammation – a pilot study (Cardiovascular related research)
  • Dr Jennifer Hague, Dr Evan Reid - Defining mechanisms of axonopathy by understanding endosomal tubule fission machinery (Neurology related research)
  • Mr Emmanuel L Huguet, Mr Simon Harper - Towards in vitro regeneration of whole liver using biological scaffolds and stem cells (Oral and Gastrointestinal related research)
  • Dr Rachel B Jones, Dr David Jayne, Dr Andreas Kronbichler, Dr Luis Quintana, Professor Kathryn Lilley, Dr Thomas Hiemstra - Quantitative proteomics by SWATH MS identifies the role of complement, cytokines and chemokines in the pathogenesis of pr3-anca positive vasculitis (Cardiovascular related research)
  • Dr Ahmad Miremadi, Dr Jan Bornschein, Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald - Serological gastric cancer risk assessment in patients with dyspeptic symptoms or gastro-oesophageal reflux disease screening at high risk (Cancer related research)
  • Dr Kristian Mortenson, Professor David J Lomas,  Dr Andrew N Priest; Dr Martin Graves; Dr Nadeem Shaida - Clinical validation of non-contrast enhanced magnetic resonance thoracic venography (Cardiovascular related research)
  • Dr Marko Nikolic, Dr Emma Rawlins - Towards lung generation – characterisation of human embryonic lungs (Respiratory related research)
  • Dr Norman Shreeve, Dr Francesco Colucci - Role of hypoxia-induced stress on uterine natural killer cells and reproductive success in murine pregnancy (Reproduction Health and Childbirth related research)
  • Dr George Vassiliou - Identification of synthetic lethal interactions in acute myeloid leukaemia with NPM1 mutations (Cancer related research)
  • Professor Geoffrey Woods, Professor David Menon - Growing human pain neurones for investigating clinical pain states (Neurology related research)
  • Dr Matt Zilbauer, Dr Rob Heuschkel - Epigenetics in paediatric IBD – investigating DNA methylation in the intestinal epithelium (Oral and Gastrointestinal related research)

Research awards in Parkinson’s disease

  • Professor David Rubinzstein - Starting to deorphanise Parkinson's disease genes
  • Professor Maria Grazia Spillantini, Dr Maria Eugenia Herva - Identification of alpha-synuclein aggregates in human brain and peripheral tissues for Parkinson's disease diagnosis. 
  • Dr Li Su, Professor John Suckling, Dr Guy Williams - Multiparameter PET/MRI imaging for the study of Parkinson’s disease dementia 
  • Dr Caroline Williams-Gray, Professor Roger Barker, Reverend Professor Alasdair Coles, Dr Menna Clatworthy, Dr Joanne Jones - The role of peripheral inflammation and immunosenescence in Parkinson’s disease and its associated dementia 

Cambridge Clinical Academic Research Fellowships 2015

  • Peter Bailey - The regulation of cell surface receptors by the pulmonary hypoxic response. The Evelyn Trust Fellowship. Supported by the Evelyn Trust (Respiratory related research)
  • Biljana Brezina - Antibody depletion by immunoadsorption in systemic lupus erythematosus. Supported by ACT and NIHR Cambridge BRC (Inflammation and immune system related research)
  • Tessa Cacciottolo - Characterisation of novel mutations in steroid receptor coactivator-1 (SRC-1) associated with obesity, severe insulin resistance and intestinal dysfunction. Supported by ACT (The Philip Greenwood family) and NIHR Cambridge BRC (Metabolism and Endocrine related research)
  • Andrea Edwards - Does the acoustic environment on the NICU adversely impact on newborn cerebral function?  Supported by ACT and NIHR Cambridge BRC (Reproductive Health and Childbirth related research)
  • Ragada El-Damanawi - Slowing progression of renal impairment in polycystic kidney disease Supported by ACT, NIHR Cambridge BRC and the Polycystic Kidney Disease Charity (Renal related research)
  • Gillian Gatiss - The feasibility of using portable calorimetry to assess energy requirements in patients with liver cirrhosis undergoing serial large volume paracentesis. Supported by ACT and NIHR Cambridge BRC (Oral and Gastrointestinal related research)
  • Ray Hsu - Investigation of service reconfiguration’s impact on renal cancer outcomes in England. Supported by ACT and the Royal College of Surgeons of England (Renal related research)
  • Emily Johnson - An investigation into the commencement and progression of oral feeding for babies requiring care on a neonatal unit. Supported by ACT and NIHR Cambridge BRC (Reproductive Health and Childbirth related research)
  • Kevin Loudon - Investigation of the dynamic interactions of metabolic and immune functions post diagnosis of type 1 diabetes Supported by ACT, the Isaac Newton Trust and NIHR Cambridge BRC (Metabolism and Endocrine related research)
  • James MacKay - Radiogenomics of osteoarthritis: association between MR imaging and molecular data. Supported by ACT and NIHR Cambridge BRC (Musculoskeletal related research)
  • David Noble - The impact of delivered dose on toxicity outcomes for head and neck cancer patients receiving radical radiotherapy. Supported by ACT (Tomotherapy Fund) and NIHR Cambridge BRC (Cancer related research)
  • Elizabeth Wlodek – Helper pathways for CD8 T cell alloimmunity Supported by ACT and NIHR Cambridge BRC (Inflammation and immune system related research)