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10 years of Cambridge Global Health Partnerships

This year we are celebrating 10 years of Cambridge global health partnerships. Addenbrooke's Abroad (now Cambridge Global Health Partnerships) was officially established in 2007 in response to the increasing understanding within the NHS and CUH that engaging with global health has benefits for patients and healthcare workers both overseas and in the UK. 

Over the past 10 years we have established four global health partnerships across Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia and our volunteers have improved healthcare delivered to millions of patients in over 59 countries! 


2007 – The Addenbrooke’s Abroad (now Cambridge Global Health Partnerships) programme officially launched

2008 – Improving healthcare for mothers and vulnerable babies, El Salvador 

Around 830 women die from pregnancy or child-related complications around the world every day. We started formally working with local partners in El Salvador to improve the outcomes for mothers and vulnerable babies.  Since our partnership was established the maternal mortality rate has reduced by 51%.

2016 – Shared learning 

Partnerships are all about shared learning. We host exchange visits to CUH from our partner countries. In 2016 a team of six neonatal nurses from Botswana visited the Rosie Hospital for two weeks, to observe the role of Practice Development Nurses (PDNs). These nurses will be taking up the new role of PDNs in Botswana, where they will be in charge of training the new nurses on the neonatal unit, ensuring that everyone has adequate training to give specialist neonatal care to sick and vulnerable babies.

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