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Read about some of our volunteers' experiences here.

Our amazing volunteers, not only spend their annual leave volunteering on global health partnership projects, they also find the time to train and run marathons! What heroes! Gaynor and Jeff, are both AA volunteers and are fundraising for Cambridge Global Health Partnerships.

“We were so pleased to speak to doctors, nurses and physios who have been part of the project, everyone was so forthcoming in their opinions, changes and wanted to join the faculty! Partners being so honest with their feedback really shows how this partnership has grown that strong relationship that has been between all involved.”
- Jeff Mercer, Myanmar health partnership volunteer 

If you would like to support them in their fundraising endeavours, you can donate to them through their JustGiving pages:Jeff Mercer, Gaynor McGinness 

Access to a midwife can help reduce & prevent deaths of over 300,000 women who die every year while giving birth. Chin Swain a senior midwife and lecturer has been volunteering with Addenbrooke's Abroad (now Cambridge Global Health Partnerships) since 2012. She has been involved in developing the El Salvador partnership, delivering life saving training to healthcare workers across El Salvador. 

 "I have fostered strong relationships with other team members and our El Salvadorian counterparts, we are a family. A global family who respects and appreciates the differences that enriches us, but with one goal - better care for mothers and babies."  Read her story. 

Cambridge Global Health Partnerships provides a support and signposting service, through which many members of staff from CUH have chosen global health organisations to volunteer with. Marta Lastras, a junior sister at CUH, volunteered with HoverAid, with support from Cambridge Global Health Partnerships. Read about her experience of volunteering in one of the most remote parts of Madagascar here

What makes a good health partnership? Mutual trust, respect and a shared vision. Hannah Missfelder-Lobos and Xochitl Sandoval are the clinical leads for our El Salvador partnership, want to find out more about how this partnership developed? Read more here 

Carol Culshaw, an organisational development consultant, volunteered to Myanmar to help with monitoring and evaluation activities for our THET funded Cambridge-Yangon Trauma Intervention Project. 

"It was especially helpful, to be part of such a dedicated and diverse group. The range of perspectives, the imagination and vision, together with the varied expertise, focused determination and strategic awareness of local systems from the Yangon colleagues, made for the most powerful partnership I have seen in a very long time."  - Carol Culshaw 

Read more about Carol's experience of volunteering in Myanmar here