Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust

Innovative technologies


The urology team at Addenbrooke’s strives to offer patients cutting-edge prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment, including robotic surgery and radiotherapy, whilst translating the latest research into every day clinical practice. 

However, without the clinical infrastructure, including up to date equipment and well trained staff, such excellence would not be possible.

Over recent years, with ACT’s help, two ‘Da Vinci’ robotic surgeons were purchased, the first in 2006 and its replacement in 2012.  In addition, we have funded a number of smaller pieces of medical equipment in urology, including an ultrasound scanner in 2009.

To date, over 1,250 men have directly benefited from the resulting minimal recovery times and reduced side effects. 

The new ‘BiopSee’ machine - ACT on Cancer campaign success

Building on this success, the urology team at Addenbrooke’s wanted to improve the detection of prostate cancer, as early and accurate diagnosis is extremely important in increasing the effectiveness of treatment.


Our first achievement in the ACT on Cancer campaign was to raise, in just six months, £114,000 needed to fund a ‘BiopSee’ machine.  The equipment helps accurately detect the exact location of cancerous cells in the prostate by fusing two diagnostic tools – an ultrasound scan combined with an MRI scan – along with a new way of taking a biopsy.

The new approach had been evaluated on over 140 patients in Cambridge, but the equipment was on loan from the manufacturers and, given a successful evaluation, supporters helped us to purchase this equipment outright in December 2013.  Now more local NHS patients with persistent suspicion of prostate cancer can be offered this procedure.

Thank you to all the community fundraisers and donors who made this possible.