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Children's Services

Children's Services

ACT has a long established tradition of supporting initiatives within the Children’s Services department at Addenbrooke’s and the Rosie.

Thanks to the kindness of supporters, we have been recently been able to fund a new paediatric cardiac scanner, a tympanometer to assess babies’ middle ear function, music therapy and point of care testing to measure infants’ blood sugar levels.

We continue to offer support to make such initiatives possible, and currently have a number of appeals for which we are seeking contributions, including: 


Brainbow is a pioneering rehabilitation service in the East of England for children with brain tumours. The Brainbow service, based at Addenbrooke's, provides co-ordinated specialist neuro-rehabilitation (physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and clinical psychology) assessment and some treatment for children with brain tumours.


Interactive play floor

The allergy clinic at Addenbrooke’s sees 5,200 children each year with allergies to things as diverse as strawberries, mould, bee stings, horses and birch trees. These children often have to stay at the hospital between 1 to 8 hours, depending on the test they have, so staff can monitor their reactions and provide support. By encouraging distraction through play in the clinic waiting room, anxiety can be reduced, leading to calmer appointments and tests.

We are supporting play therapy in the allergy clinic by raising £5,900 to buy an ‘interactive floor’ play system, which projects bright, colourful interactive pictures onto a touch-sensitive floor mat.


Music therapy

Music therapy is shown to be of great benefit to children’s treatment, care and development, particularly for those with developmental difficulties.  Music therapy aims to encourage and develop interaction with others, build confidence and self-esteem, facilitate extended periods of attention and concentration and provide positive and enjoyable experiences for children and their families.

We are continuing to fund music therapy, benefiting approximately 435 children per year, of which we still have £5,000 to raise.


Can you take action and make a difference for children at Addenbrooke's and the Rosie by donating to Children’s Services today?

If so, please click here to donate online, or click here to find out about fundraising. Thank you so much.