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The Rosie Hospital wish list

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Over 5,000 babies each year start their lives in Cambridge’s Rosie Hospital, located next to Addenbrooke's.

The Rosie is the regional centre of excellence for maternity care and families benefit from its 120 maternity and women's beds, its own theatre suite, foetal assessment unit, ultrasound department and neonatal intensive care unit. 

As well as world-class staff, philanthropy plays an important role in the level of care that can be provided.  Indeed, it was local entrepreneur, Sir David Robinson, who funded the hospital’s construction in the early 1980s. The hospital was subsequently named after David’s mother, Rosie.  

Kind donations continue to make a difference to new families today as they benefit from specialist staff, equipment, facilities, research and every day comforts only possible thanks to public support.

We are now seeking £153,000 for two services essential in supporting new-born, vulnerable babies across the East of England – the acute neonatal transport service and the neonatal intensive care unit.

How supporters help bring world class care to Cambridge

In 2016 and early 2017 Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust launched three appeals to:

  • transform care for blood cancer patients by refurbishing a new lighter, brighter haematology day unit
  • help trauma patients on their long road to recovery by breathing new life in the trauma unit garden
  • raise ‘greatest needs’ funds which can meet patients’ needs quickly and flexibly, wherever they arise across the hospitals.

An update was sent to donors in August giving progress on these three appeals, demonstrating how supporters’ kindness is already transforming lives.

See the update

In May, haematology patient Dean Morley took the opportunity to don a high vis jacket and hard hat for an exclusive look at the haematology day unit building works. See his reaction in the video below:

The video below shows how plans are progressing for the trauma unit garden:

A huge thank you to everyone who has given so kindly toward these appeals. The haematology day unit appeal is still £60,000 away from its £350,000 target and the trauma garden still requires £20,000, so please press here if you would like to help bring these appeals to a close and transform patients’ lives today and into the future.

Thank you.