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We urgently need to raise £145,000 to buy a scanner that could save and transform lives. Can you help?


  • For a cancer patient

    If a tumour is pushing against the jaw, as happened to Colin, the cone beam scanner can show exactly how much bone to remove and where to operate - helping the patient to make a full recovery and eat, breathe and smile without pain.
  • For a car crash victim

    If a collision leaves a passenger with broken bones in their face, the scanner can immediately and safely show the precise treatment needed - often leading to a shorter operation and less time in a hospital bed.

  • For ear and eye replacements

    If a patient needs a prosthetic ear or eye after an illness or accident, the scanner will show exactly where to attach it - so a patient’s friends and family will hardly notice the change.
  • For a child with a cleft lip

    If a cleft in the jaw needs to be fixed with a bone graft, the cone beam scanner can show exactly how much bone needs to be used and where – helping the child to speak and eat with confidence in the quickest possible time.
Baby with Cleft Lip

Will you help buy a cutting-edge scanner and give many more people the best possible chance of survival?

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