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Check out to help out – Addenbrooke’s charity launches online shop

19 October 2020

Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust (ACT) has launched a new online shop full of ideal presents just in time for Christmas, with all profits making Addenbrooke’s hospital even better for patients.

The charity had already successfully launched a range of organic children’s T-shirts that were mainly sold within the hospital but is keen to expand the range and allow people to buy merchandise and support the hospital no matter where they are.

As well as children’s T-shirts, the online shop now also sells other perfect gift items such as hoodies, adult t-shirts, running tops, and baby wear – all in a variety of sizes and colours – as well as travel mugs, water bottles and greetings cards. The charity will be adding more products in future. All profits go towards supporting patient care within the hospital.

Gemma Downham, ACT’s Director of Fundraising, said: “We wanted to give people another way of supporting their hospital. We trust that people will enjoy the purchases they make, safe in the knowledge that all profits will go towards making the hospital even better. It’s all thanks to support like this that we can invest an additional £500,000 every month, saving lives, transforming our hospital and supporting pioneering research.”

To browse the items available visit

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Press Release

New video link at Addenbrooke’s allows parents who are unable to visit, to see and talk to their babies in hospital

A new video contact system giving parents the ability to have precious virtual contact with their babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) was launched earlier than planned due to coronavirus.


The ALBORADA Trust’s support for ACT surpasses £800,000

The ALBORADA Trust has awarded over £800,000 to ACT since 2015, and this year has supported Addenbrooke’s staff by paying for new wellbeing rooms, helping to create a hardship fund to ease financial pressures and providing staff vouchers

Press Release

ACT has successfully raised funds for two new Emergency Children’s Ambulances for the East of England

Generous donations from hospital supporters have helped ACT raise £216,000 for an emergency children’s ambulance service, which will save young lives in the East of England.

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