3D Scanner

    Innovative new technology to dramatically cut surgery times for head and neck cancer

    Every day, 33 people in the UK are diagnosed with head and neck cancer.  For those battling this devastating disease, surgery usually offers the best chance of survival. However, this type of surgery is incredibly complex and can require patients to be under general anaesthetic for nine hours or more. This brings a number of associated risks, which for some patients mean surgery is not an option. The sheer length of these procedures also significantly limits the number of patients that can be treated, and this delay could mean the difference between life and death. New, cutting edge technology means operating times can be dramatically reduced.

    These innovative advances involve using a new type of highly precise 3D scanner, specialist modelling software and a 3D printer to produce a scale model for surgical planning. Vastly reduced operating times mean more people can have life-saving surgery (even higher risk patients), waiting times will be reduced and patients will no longer have the disruption caused by travelling for scans.

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