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    ACT supports Addenbrooke’s and The Rosie hospitals. Donations received are spent in accordance with supporters’ wishes, to the greatest benefit of patients, their families and those who support them. We support improvements to wards and departments, provide specialist equipment, pioneering research and patient support services over and above what the NHS can provide.

    Distinguishing between core and those over and above items and services is not always simple. ACT must adhere to the Charity Commission guidance and is therefore not permitted to support, for example, shortfalls in Trust funding, replacement equipment or mandatory staff training. All charitable expenditure should ultimately be for the benefit of patients and their families. For more information, ACTs Charitable Expenditure Policy can be found here

    All CUH staff, and those associated with the hospitals, can access funding through ACT. We welcome your ideas and encourage you to contact us to discuss them.

    Please note: if you wish to explore ACT funding but don’t know which funding stream to apply for or are not sure if you’re project is suitable for charitable funding, please complete this single-page form so we can give an initial appraisal of your proposal.

    You can access funding by applying for a grant or accessing our department charitable fund:

    Apply for a grant

    You can apply for a grant from one of the four ACT Committees. ACT grants are available to all CUH staff and any external applicants who have a direct link to Addenbrooke’s, perhaps providing a service on site or one that is benefiting patients. The Committees/Panels that you can apply to are:

    Professional Advisory Committee (PAC)

    The PAC welcomes applications for any non-research related projects. The Committee meets four times a year and is chaired by Dr Ashley Shaw. To apply for a grant under £2k download an application form here and to apply for a grant over £2k download an application form here.

    Research Advisory Committee (RAC)

    The RAC welcomes applications for research projects up to £25,000. The Committee meets four times a year and is chaired by Dr John Bradley. Download an application form here.

    Innovation for Patient Benefit Panel 

    The Innovation Panel aims to support innovative projects up to £25,000 that provide public benefit. The intention is to facilitate the development and adoption of new and improved ways of providing healthcare. The panel meets twice a year and is chaired by Colin Weston. Download an application form here.

    Access your department charitable fund

    ACT hold over 500 funds covering many wards/departments across the Trust. All CUH staff are entitled to apply to these funds.

    Access your department charitable fund

    ACT holds over 500 funds for wards and departments across the Trust. All expenditure from these funds must be in line with the ACT Charitable Expenditure Policy. It is also important that any expenditure is in line with the donor's wishes.

    Each ACT fund has up to six fund advisors, who are authorised by ACT to sign off requests for expenditure of up to £5,000. The Fund Advisors are CUH staff working within that service, ward or department.

    If you have a project in mind that is for patient benefit and meets ACT's charitable expenditure policy, you are welcome to contact the fund advisor in your department to discuss the project.

    Once you have approval from the fund advisors, you will find all the forms below.

    How to apply

    • Complete the appropriate ACT pre-approval form
    • Email it to the relevant fund advisors for approval. We require one approval for requests up to £500 and two for requests over £500.
    • Email the completed form, any additional documents (i.e. quotes) and email approval from fund advisors to

    Form                                   Example

    General                                   Requests for equipment, refurbishments, furniture or                                                       salary

    Learning/Development         Requests for staff training courses, conferences, away                                                     days, team building and associated expenses

    Staff Social                              Requests for staff social events i.e. Christmas parties

    ACT will review your request and send a confirmation email back to you with notification of approval or follow up required. To ensure that all requests are in line with our Charitable Expenditure Policy, ACT have the final approval on all requests.

    ACT aim to reply to all requests within two weeks. Please ensure your request is submitted within plenty of time for processing.

    If you have any questions please email or call 01223 217757.

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    If you have time to give there’s a rewarding volunteer role for you, helping us deliver compassionate care across Addenbrooke’s.

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    Leaving a gift in your will is easier than you think and will help transform care at Addenbrooke’s for generations to come.


    Work with our dedicated team to find the perfect fit for major donations in ground-breaking research, equipment and patient care.

    Corporate Partnerships

    Whatever your business needs and budget, we can create bespoke sponsorship and partnership opportunities that really make a difference.

    CUH staff

    CUH Staff

    We’re always looking for staff to help champion our work across the hospital, in wards, with colleagues, patients and families and to volunteer at ACT events.


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