Your incredible fundraising efforts will help make our hospitals, Addenbrooke's and the Rosie, even better. It is thanks to people like you that we can save and transform lives every day, with cutting edge technology, pioneering research, specialist services and world-class facilities.

    Raise more online

    • Create a page easily at 
    • Tell your story
    • Don’t forget to share photos, milestones and regular updates
    • Set a target and increase it if you hit it early

    Use social media

    • Share your event and link to your online giving page
    • Encourage your followers to share
    • Ask for donations at the end of the month – it’s payday!
    • Tag us on and tweet us at @actcharity

    Supercharge your fundraising

    • Use local digital and print media to share your fundraising activities
    • Ask your employer about Matched Giving – it could double your fundraising!
    • Have a pub quiz or organise a raffle at your event - don't forget to check if you require a lottery license to do so

    Don’t forget about Gift Aid*.

    *Gift Aid is an easy way to maximise your fundraising. However, there are strict rules relating to it. Gift Aid cannot be claimed on ticket sales, raffle ticket sales, winning auction bids or anything other than an individual donation. Also, it cannot be claimed on behalf of a group or as part of a collection.

    For more information and help, request your free fundraising pack or email 

    **Coronavirus (COVID-19): advice on fundraising**

    Last updated 1st July 2020

    We are delighted that people are continuing to fundraise for Addenbrooke’s – we need your support more than ever! If you have an event scheduled to fundraise for ACT, please make sure that it's safe in the current climate. Compliance with social distancing guidelines are the absolute responsibility of the event organiser and must be observed.

    You should follow government guidelines and get in touch if you have any concerns

    Get involved


    If you have time to give there’s a rewarding volunteer role for you, helping us deliver compassionate care across Addenbrooke’s.

    Legacy Giving

    Leaving a gift in your will is easier than you think and will help transform care at Addenbrooke’s for generations to come.


    Work with our dedicated team to find the perfect fit for major donations in ground-breaking research, equipment and patient care.

    Corporate Partnerships

    Whatever your business needs and budget, we can create bespoke sponsorship and partnership opportunities that really make a difference.

    CUH staff

    CUH Staff

    We’re always looking for staff to help champion our work across the hospital, in wards, with colleagues, patients and families and to volunteer at ACT events.


    We can do so much more for patients at Addenbrooke's when you donate. 


    By becoming a Friend of Addenbrooke’s, you can make sure your local hospital continues to change and save lives.


    Our people

    ACT's team is committed to supporting and promoting Addenbrooke's and the Rosie hospitals, to help make a difference for patients, their families and staff.

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