All requests must be agreed with Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust, Addenbooke's Play Team and where required, Addenbrooke's PR and Communications Department

Information for visitors - please read:


Visit from individuals or groups, donations of gifts or activity sessions, celebrities, costume characters, sports or service personnel and entertainers are welcome; provided arrangements are made in advance. Visitors who arrive unannounced may not be able to be accommodated. All visits will be managed by the Children's Services Play team. 

  • Where possible play staff will accompany visitors to meet families and children in bed spaces if appropriate and when agreed with the family in advance of the visit, although this cannot be guaranteed. 
  • Where it is not possible to arrange for visitors to meet children in their bed spaces, children who are well enough will be invited to meet visitors in the play room/area. 
  • No more than 4-6 people (depending on area) are able to visit at any one time.


No images or recording may be taken or used without written consent of the families or hospital staff. 

  • Ward play staff will approach families before you arrive to find out who would like to take part and to complete the appropriate consent forms. 
  • We will respect the wishes of parents/carers, children and staff who do not want to take part and where filming, recording or photos are requested at a bed space, the wishes of families in adjacent beds will be taken into consideration. 
  • Please do not approach families or children yourself and bear in mind that families and/or children may change their mind or children may be asleep or not feel well. Because of this we cannot guarantee how many or if any children and families will be available for photos , recording or filming when you visit. 
  • In the case where permission and consent is withdrawn, we will ask that you delete the photo, recording or film footage. 
  • All requests for photos, recording and filming must be agreed and co-managed by the play team and Addenbrooke's PR and Communications Department. 


In the event of a medical or security emergency we will ask all visitors, photos, recording and filming to stop and ask you to leave. We will also ask you to stop in the event of a child or family becoming distressed. 


New toys are gratefully received for children to play with in ward and clinic areas. 

  • All toys must be brand new and easy to cleane. 
  • To meet infection control cleaning requirements, we are unable to accept clothes, soft toys or toys that are made of fabric or have fabric as part of their construction.
  • DVDs must be rated ‘U’


New toys and activities donated for Christmas presents are gratefully received and are kept safely for Santa to give out on Christmas day, we are unable to accept second hand toys as presents.

  • Santa visits on Christmas day, whilst we welcome visitors coming in costume, please do not come as Santa.
  • Please do not wrap presents as all presents must be checked for suitability before being wrapped.
  • Play team staff will be happy to distribute Christmas presents to children in bed spaces, however, it is not always appropriate for visitors not known to the family to approach children in their bed space:
  • Small donations may be taken to the play room where children who are well enough can come to receive presents. Present given out in ward and clinic areas must be of a similar value and cost no more than £20 each.
  • Large donations will be received at the main entrance.
  • Presents are provided to the Emergency Department for children who arrive over the Christmas period. If we receive enough presents we will also distribute presents to outpatient clinics.
  • Please note that we have patients from a few days old to 16 years, please consider this when you are choosing your donations.


Donations of Easter eggs are gratefully received.

  • Play team staff will receive eggs and store them to be given out on Easter Sunday.
  • If you have a large donation, eggs may be given out to children on the ward you visit on the same bases as for Christmas presents above.
  • If we receive enough Easter eggs, we will distribute eggs to clinics across the hospital and elderly patients

PLEASE NOTE: Where we receive donations of similar toys and activities or when we are unable to use a donated item for patient/s on the ward or in clinic areas; we will raffle or sell the items to raise much needed funds for distraction therapy toys, paints, glue, glitter, stickers or other items needed for play sessions.

Please raise any questions or concerns regarding your visit with a member of Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust when you organise your visit. 

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