Campaigns & Appeals

    Give a gift this season

    Help make Addenbrooke's even better for patients at this special time by choosing a gift from our list below...

    Addenbrooke's Give a Gift Appeal

    Will you help put a smile on someone's face?

    Refreshments to keep staff going

    The A&E department is consistently full over the colder months, and staff have even less time, often without breaks. £5 could help provide support and refreshments for staff to keep them going during this busy season

    Make a patient feel pampered

    £10 could buy a gift set to make a patient feel refreshed and pampered while in hospital

    Children’s activity packs

    £15 could buy 15 activity packs or toys to keep children entertained during busy hospital appointments 

    Games or headphones for teenagers

    £20 could buy an electronic game or headphones making hospital more bearable for a teenager stuck in hospital 

    Soothing hand massage or manicure

    £25 could treat a patient to a soothing hand massage or manicure at their bedside, distracting them from pain or distress

    Sensory play equipment

    £30 could help buy special sensory play equipment to amuse and delight a child in hospital 

    Keep an elderly patient cosy

    £36 could buy a set of warm clothes for an elderly patient. Changing out of pyjamas and into clothes has been proven to encourage movement and boost spirits, allowing patients to get back home and into their normal routine as quickly as possible

    Amazing innovations for patients

    £50 could help fund innovations like the MyICUvoice app that gives voiceless intensive care patients a crucial tool to communicate with their families at this special time of year

    Therapeutic play for children

    £100 could give 5 children with cancer an hour of therapeutic play to help make hospital less stressful 

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