Dear Friend,

I’m sure you will have heard or read about the amazing sacrifices that the nurses and doctors at Addenbrooke’s have made for us all during the COVID-19 crisis. As the Senior Nurse leading the adult critical care units at Addenbrooke’s, I know that we all owe them a huge debt of gratitude, as they have worked round the clock and pulled out all the stops to keep us all safe.

At the same time, our research teams have been working behind the scenes here at Addenbrooke’s to introduce innovations in healthcare that could have a huge impact on thousands of patients and their families for generations to come.

You may well know someone who has been helped by Addenbrooke’s during the crisis, or perhaps have even been helped yourself. If so, you’ll know just how vital the courage and expertise of our healthcare professionals has been as the hospital faced some extremely difficult months at the height of the pandemic.

There is one crucial reason why Addenbrooke’s has been able to help so many people in the darkest hours of the crisis – one which you may not be aware of. So much of what we were able to do in 2020 and 2021 was due to the gifts in wills that our generous supporters had left to Addenbrooke’s in the past.

Now you can help make sure that future generations can receive the same excellent standards of care we are renowned for. Please can you consider leaving a gift in your will to help make Addenbrooke’s even better?

Perhaps you would like to leave a gift of gratitude for all that the hospital has done during the COVID-19 crisis. Or you may want to leave a legacy of hope for the future, to make sure Addenbrooke’s can remain at the very forefront of healthcare and innovation. Whatever you might be planning, let me show you just how vital gifts in wills have been to Addenbrooke’s over the past year.

The last year was incredibly traumatic for many of the patients we helped. People were being rushed into the intensive care unit with little idea about what was happening to them, or whether they might even survive. They couldn’t see their loved ones and were in a sterile environment where even the people who were caring for them were dressed in anonymous PPE equipment. It was a daunting environment for anyone.

Thanks to gifts in wills, at Addenbrooke’s we have been able to fund a team of professional psychologists who know how to help people who are going through trauma. In the heart of the turmoil, the team was on hand to help put staff at their ease, allay concerns and help people get through some very dark times. I know they were a real help to the nurses and doctors working in my department.

Our nurses were working long hours, witnessing traumatic situations that they were not prepared for, and had probably never imagined they would come across. At the same time, they were coping with lockdown and sometimes illness themselves, working long shifts in an intensive care ward, then many were going home and home-schooling children.

Thanks to gifts in wills, our professional psychologists could provide the support that our nurses needed, offering advice and practical help, and just being a listening ear when things got very tough. This enabled nurses to recharge their batteries and return to their patients to give them the best care possible.

You can make sure Addenbrooke’s can continue to give exceptional care in the future. Please pledge a gift in your will towards this vital work – and let us know your intentions by contacting our ACT Gifts in Wills Manager Alice Macek on 01223 734948 or email her at  

Or perhaps you would like to leave a legacy of hope and help us transform the intensive care unit for people who need it in the future. Some of our rooms currently don’t have any natural light, but by introducing electronic ceiling tiles, we could brighten the rooms and even enable a patient to watch television programmes and films in the ceiling above their bed. Innovations like these can transform a patient’s experience of hospital – and their path to recovery.

Whatever your decision about leaving a gift to Addenbrooke’s, please know that gifts in wills can transform care for future generations, making our great hospital even better.

Thank you for sparing the time to read my letter.

Yours sincerely,

Jane Olds,
Matron, Adult Critical Care

P.S. If you are considering leaving a gift, Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust is a member of the National Free Wills Network, which means you could write or update simple wills for free.  To find out more, please call Alice Macek, our ACT Gifts in Wills Manager, on 01223 734948.

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