Addenbrooke’s and the Rosie hospitals staff fund – what is it?

This is a new fund set up by Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust (ACT) to direct donations specifically for the support and development of Addenbrooke’s and Rosie Hospital Staff.

It is available for all staff to access and allows all staff across the hospital to apply for funding (subject to the required conditions and governance across the two hospitals). Staff will be eligible to apply for the funds against expenditure criteria referenced in ACT’s charitable expenditure policy which may include activities such as:

  • Well-being support
  • Staff environmental improvements
  • Innovations to support staff in executing their roles (e.g. This could be new apps for staff, new arts therapy; workshops etc)
  • Development and training support for staff above and beyond the mandatory training that is available through NHS support
  • ACTs of Kindness.

What it is not?

  • This fund would not benefit an individual and would not provide individuals with financial recognition or hardship grants. Its purpose must ultimately have patient benefit.
  • It is not a substitute for the core employee support offered by the NHS.
  • It does not replace the expenditure of existing departmental funds that are available to support this activity.

How it will work


  • Can be received via supporters to ACT
  • Staff members may wish to make donations through the ACT website (see ‘Donating to the staff fund’ below) signalling that it is for the Staff General Fund (9026). This would be subject to Gift Aid contribution where applicable.
  • Staff members may wish to contribute to this fund through Give As You Earn Scheme at the hospital. (Details provided via the Workforce teams.)

Applying for funding

  • Applications more than £2,000 should be submitted on the Professional Advisory Committee application form. Applications under £2,000 should be submitted on the Charitable Funding Request form.
  • Applications more than £2,000 will be reviewed by the Professional Advisory Committee, and a member of the Workforce Directorate will be invited to join the panel. This panel sits quarterly.
  • Applications under £2,000 will not be subject to panel review. These applications will be reviewed at the weekly Charitable Expenditure Routing meeting and require fund advisor approval.
  • Time-critical applications will be reviewed by the Head of Charitable Expenditure and the Chair of PAC
  • Expenditure for Development and Training will be subject to hospital approval through the FLAG programme (Funded Learning Authorisation Group) prior to review by the Professional Advisory Committee.
  • Successful applications over £2,000 will be awarded a grant via the current ACT Grant award process and be required to submit progress/impact reports at the end of the grant period.

All information on applying for funding can be found here.

Donating to the staff fund
If staff wish to donate to the fund, they can do so here. When prompted ‘Where would you like your donation to go?’, scroll down to ‘Other’, choose your donation amount and when filling out the form, add the fund number 9026 in the comments box.

To give this fund the best start, we have decided to start it off with a contribution of £30,000.

Applying for funds
If you wish to apply for funds, please click here to find out how to access grants from charitable funds. Or if you have any questions regarding funding, funds or grants please email:

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