Previous appeals & campaigns

Help make your hospital even better

With your help we want to ensure that every patient experiences the best possible outcome and the highest quality of care available.

Cancer campaign

Every day 11 people face a new cancer diagnosis at Addenbrooke’s. Help us improve care and support, pioneer research and more.

Major trauma campaign

With your support we can help patients recover from life-changing injuries and re-build their lives.

Transplant campaign

Organ failure could happen to anyone, regardless of age or lifestyle, and when it does the only hope can be a transplant.


Children’s Emergency Ambulance Service appeal

Help us raise £216,000 for a dedicated service to keep critically-ill children alive during transfers to Addenbrooke's

Children’s services campaign

With your help we will ensure that every child experiences the best possible outcome.

Help your hospital appeal

Support Addenbrooke's and its staff during the Coronavirus crisis. Thanks to your donations we've raised £1 million to date! Your donation will aid the wellbeing of staff through this difficult time, provide vital equipment needed to support the Intensive Care Unit and much more.

Children’s hospital campaign

An innovative new hospital which will pioneer the care of sick children is on its way to the East of England

Cancer Counselling Service appeal

Help us raise £150,000 for a new Cancer Counselling Service, ensuring every cancer patient at Addenbrooke’s receives the best possible emotional support.


Family Therapist appeal

Help us raise £117,752 for a dedicated family therapist to help families deal with trauma wherever needed across the region


3D Surgical Planning Service appeal

Help us fund this innovative new service, which will dramatically cut surgery times for head and neck cancer by helping us raise £503,501


Liver transplant service appeal

Help us raise £250,000 to make sure even more people receive timely liver donations

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