Support Play at Addenbrooke's

Toys and gadgets can really help the experiences of children in hospital, making a boring, bewildering or upsetting time more bearable and less stressful.

As we can't accept toys due to infection control and to reduce visitors to the hospital, we have put together a list of Play Team-approved gift items for younger patients.

Please help replace tears with a smile by choosing from the below...

Will you replace tears with a smile?

Select one of the virtual gifts below or why not fundraise and support play at Addenbrooke's? 

Reward toys

£10 could buy small reward toys which are given to anxious children facing challenging procedures in hospital such as blood tests, scans and cannulation; helping them to recover quickly and focus on choosing their reward instead of dwelling on what was difficult

Games or headphones for teenagers

£20 could buy an electronic game or headphones making hospital more bearable for a teenager stuck in hospital 

Therapeutic play

£50 could provide half an hour of therapeutic play to help a child about to undergo an MRI scan feel calmer about the procedure ahead

Music therapy

£84 could pay for three hour-long music therapy sessions, helping to promote concentration and healing and allowing children to express themselves within an enjoyable and creative environment

Giggle Doctors

£155 could pay for two Giggle Doctors to visit a child in hospital for two hours and brighten their day. Giggle Doctors have all sorts of fun activities up their sleeves, turning an anxious hospital stay into a fun adventure!

What could you do?

Will you set up your own fundraising page on JustGiving to help support play at Addenbrooke's? The sky's the limit!

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