Every day 11 people face a new cancer diagnosis at Addenbrooke’s. Help us improve care and support, pioneer research and more.

Cancer campaign

As a UK leading cancer care specialist, Addenbrooke’s wants to ensure that each of those patients has access to quality patient care, improving outcomes, the hospital experience and support.

We now need your help to raise funds for the following:

Help us raise £150,000 for a Cancer Counselling Service

A cancer diagnosis is an intensely traumatic experience and many patients suffer from psychological distress. Our new Cancer Counselling Service, consisting of a Psychological Wellbeing Service for blood cancer patients and a dedicated Pastoral Care Service focusing on outpatients, will ensure every cancer patient at Addenbrooke’s receives the best possible emotional support. The service will consist of two elements, for an initial period of two years.

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Help us raise £250,000 for a 3D scanner

Every day, 33 people in the UK are diagnosed with head and neck cancer. For those battling this devastating disease, surgery usually offers the best chance of survival. Unfortunately, for many, lengthy surgery is not an option. However, new, cutting edge technology means operating times can be dramatically reduced.

These innovative advances involve using a new type of highly precise 3D scanner, specialist modelling software and a 3D printer to produce a scale model for surgical planning. Vastly reduced operating times mean more people can have life-saving surgery, waiting times will be reduced and patients will no longer have the disruption caused by travelling for scans.

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Over the last five years, 6,000 supporters have raised an incredible £4,000,000 for cancer services at Addenbrooke’s achieving:

  • An Outpatients garden, providing a quiet haven away from the bustling hospital environment
  • A state-of-the art surgical robot allowing prostate patients access to minimally invasive surgery
  • A modern, spacious Haematology Day Unit for patients with blood cancers allowing 200 more patients to be seen every month and to be treated closer to home in brighter and more spacious surroundings, with specialist equipment and reduced waiting times
  • 2 ECP machines to treat the terrible side effects suffered by patients following bone marrow transplantation, thereby decreasing the risk of life-threatening infections and potential admissions to intensive care
  • A ‘Biopsee’ machine to more accurately diagnose and identify prostate cancer, providing vital information on the grade and stage of the cancer.

For more information about our Cancer campaign, please contact us at or call 01223 217757.

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With your help we want to ensure that every patient experiences the best possible outcome and the highest quality of care available.

Cancer campaign

Every day 11 people face a new cancer diagnosis at Addenbrooke’s. Help us improve care and support, pioneer research and more.

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With your support we can help patients recover from life-changing injuries and re-build their lives.



Colin was relaxing on holiday last summer when he noticed he had a loose tooth. Two weeks later, he was diagnosed with mouth cancer...

"I want to focus on my family now. I've got two daughters and a very special granddaughter, and the future is important to me."

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