With your help we will ensure that every child experiences the best possible outcome.

Children’s services campaign

With your help we want to ensure that every child experiences the best possible outcome. We want to make the hospital experience as positive and ‘normal’ as it can be – whether by improving surgical and diagnostic tools to help children recover better, providing specialist play and music therapy, or offering therapeutic support to the whole family when they need it most.

We are delighted to announce that we have now raised enough to kit out one Emergency Children’s Ambulance and have now set our sights on putting a second ambulance on the road. Please help us by donating today.

Help us raise £216,000 for a children’s emergency ambulance service

Addenbrooke’s admits approximately 3,500 children every year and is the Paediatric Intensive Care Centre for the East of England. If a child has a serious illness or needs emergency treatment then they will need transporting in an ambulance.

However, while adults and newborn babies who need intensive care treatment are blue-lighted by dedicated, specialist ambulance services, there is currently no such ambulance service in the East of England specifically for critically ill children.
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Help us raise £110,000 for a Family Therapist

Family therapistFamilies can be forever affected by an accident or traumatic event that leaves their loved ones incapacitated, in hospital or with permanent injuries. This shock and distress can place a terrible strain on any family, leading to communication breakdown and conflict, marital separation and difficulties for children during their formative years.

This new dedicated Family Therapist post would primarily support families as an entire unit, delivering a holistic approach to family mental health and emotional well being – wherever they are based, wherever they have been treated in the hospital and whatever the circumstances.
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You have already helped fund:

  • The refurbishment of the Paediatric Day Unit which cares for over 6,000 children with cancer and haematological cancer every year
  • An MRI Compatible Incubator to provide excellent quality MRI scans for critically ill babies
  • A new, innovative Cancer Care Coordinator post to enhance the quality of care given to children with cancer
  • Play therapy to make hospital a less scary place for our younger patients
  • Innovative kit to help babies breathe in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Sensory units to help provide a calming environment for children

For more information about our Children’s Services campaign please email or call 01223 217757.

Help us make children’s services at Addenbrooke’s even better – donate today – thank you.


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