With your help we want to ensure that every patient experiences the best possible outcome and the highest quality of care available.

Help make your hospital even better

Addenbrooke’s is a really good hospital. But really good is not good enough. We want it to be the best. For you, your family, your friends and your community.

Our purpose is to make Addenbrooke’s and The Rosie hospitals even better through improved patient care that allows more people to be diagnosed quicker and more accurately, to get the treatment they need in environments that support health, and to recover more quickly or get the support that they need.

Donations to our ‘even better’ campaign help the hospital to be the best – allowing us to invest in new ideas, new research, new environments and new technology where the hospital needs it most. We raise funds for cutting edge technology, additional specialist staff, environmental enhancements and extra comforts for patients that make all the difference over and above what is possible with NHS funding alone.

We need your help to make Addenbrooke’s even better by helping us raise:

  • £1.5m to buy a surgical robot that will change patients’ lives, allowing them to be be discharged from hospital within a matter of days, not weeks
  • £110,000 to enable a Family Therapist to help support families in the face of serious illness and loss
  • £250,000 for a cutting edge 3D scanner to save head and neck cancer patient’s lives
  • £150,000 to pay for a Cancer Counselling Service, ensuring that every patient being treated for cancer receives the best possible emotional support

In the last financial year, you helped:

  • Raise £260,000 to kit out two emergency children’s ambulances to transport sick children to Addenbrooke’s, quicker
  • Fund a new ambulance incubator trolley with £111,800, helping to save the lives of more critically ill babies
  • Pay for a study with £24,416, which has discovered the means to reactivate a virus so that it may be treated, leading to possible new therapies and cures
  • Fund a life-enhancing paediatric ultrasound machine for £22,995, which will allow the most accurate and effective targeting of injections for children with cerebral palsy and arthritis; greatly enhancing their quality of life.
  • Fund £335,000 for research into Parkinson’s disease, which could help in diagnosis and the search for new treatments.

Help us make Addenbrooke’s even better for patients. Donate today.

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Campaigns & appeals

Buy Addenbrooke’s a Robot Appeal

Support our £1.5m Robot Appeal and change the lives of thousands of patients at Addenbrooke's

Help make your hospital even better

With your help we want to ensure that every patient experiences the best possible outcome and the highest quality of care available.

Cancer campaign

Every day 11 people face a new cancer diagnosis at Addenbrooke’s. Help us improve care and support, pioneer research and more.



Colin was relaxing on holiday last summer when he noticed he had a loose tooth. Two weeks later, he was diagnosed with mouth cancer...

"I want to focus on my family now. I've got two daughters and a very special granddaughter, and the future is important to me."

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