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Help us raise £250,000 to make sure even more people receive liver donations

Liver transplant service appeal

We wanted to invest in the very latest cutting-edge liver perfusion technology that enables transplant surgeons to ‘test out’ livers before transplanting them.

Liver perfusion not only ensures that unsafe livers are not transplanted, but also gives surgeons confidence to use some livers that would previously have not been used due to lack of confidence in their viability. Not only will many more lives be saved, but recovery times should also be much improved.

We recently reached the £250,000 target that was set at the beginning of the campaign thanks to the generous support of all of our donors and the machine has now been fully funded.

Since its installation at Addenbrooke’s – the first hospital in the UK which has one in routine use for transplants – the Transplant team have perfused a total of 57 livers, of which 43 were able to be used. This means that the lives of 43 more people have been saved, taking them off the waiting list and enabling them to spend many more years with their loved ones.

“Having the machine allows Addenbrooke’s to use the greatest proportion of high risk livers (those where subsequent function would otherwise be uncertain) than any other transplant centre in the UK; it also contributes to our having the best 30-day survival rate and the highest transplant rate per waiting list patient, meaning that fewer patients will die waiting for a liver.” – Professor Chris Watson, Consultant Transplant Surgeon

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You can still help

As more transplants are being carried out –  as well as the forthcoming opt-out system for organ donation – ACT wants to ensure that the hospital is ready for this increased demand. The charity would now like to support improvements that will ensure that patients and the relatives visiting them in hospital are more comfortable, such as making our patient day rooms more homely as well as providing a brighter, more comfortable space for patients being assessed for a liver transplant.

If you would like to make the above improvements a reality for transplant patients, please donate online and choose ‘Transplant’ from the drop down list. Your donation could help the team develop new techniques in surgery, respond to the clinical needs of tomorrow and make an excellent ground-breaking service even better.

Please help support transplant patients – donate today – thank you.

To find out more, please contact us at or call 01223 217757.

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