Paul's story

In 1990, Paul was diagnosed with liver disease. After initially responding well to treatment at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham, it was suggested to Paul that he should be on the liver transplant list and so his details were passed on to the transplant team at Addenbrooke’s hospital for further testing.
The team at Addenbrooke’s confirmed that a transplant was required and Paul was put on the liver transplant list in August 2017. In January 2018, he received a call to say that a liver was ready for him. He and his wife urgently travelled down to Cambridge, only to discover that, unfortunately, the liver was not suitable which was extremely stressful for him and his family.
After the stressful false alarm, Paul was called again in August 2018 by the transplant team who had another liver for him. However, this time, the liver perfusion machine was in operation. As a result, the suitability of the liver was tested and confirmed for use.
"I went down to Addenbrooke’s and the team carried out numerous tests within hours of me arriving at the hospital,' said Paul. "Apparently the donor liver was on the perfusion machine and was being checked. Then the surgeon came through, and he said, “It's ok, we’re ready”’.
After 11 hours in theatre, Paul’s liver transplant surgery was a success and he is now getting back to his much-loved hobbies of cycling and golfing and is very grateful for the care he received at Addenbrooke’s.
He said: "As far as Addenbrooke’s is concerned, I can’t praise them enough really, they were absolutely superb. The surgeons, the consultants, the nurses and the whole team were absolutely marvellous.”

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